Reachout Centre Trust Executive Director Mr. Taib Abdulrahman Basheeib, showcasing harm reduction activities to members of Parliament of Kenya Select Committee on Health.
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Parliament of Kenya Select Committee on Health Visit

Our ongoing efforts to positively impact recovering drug users in the Coast region have gained momentum over the years, leading to evident transformative changes recognized by the government and our partners.
We were honored to host the Parliament of Kenya Select Committee on Health. This visit aimed to assess our daily harm reduction activities and their community impact.
Guided by our Executive Director, Mr. Taib Abdulrahman Basheeib, we showcased the reality of drug dens to the Members of Parliament.
This firsthand experience highlighted the gravity of the issue and ways they can support us in mitigating drug dependence disorders, especially among the youth. We appreciate this new partnership and remain dedicated to collaborating with the National Assembly to advance progressive drug policies in the country.

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