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Tsumo Khalfan Success Story at RCT Rehabilitation Centre

I am Tsumo Khalfan. I was trapped in drug menace for about 20 years, a habit that I adapted early in my high school education; in form three to be precise.

I was lured into drugs by my peers. I struggled with addiction for 13 years but I was helped out by the late Murad Saad, the founder of Reachout Centre Trust back in 2004. However, I don’t want to recall whatever bedeviled me, I relapsed into drugs despite being assisted and employed by the same organization to help my peers out of the menace.

The struggle was tough for a person who has relapsed into drugs, the other 7 years of addiction were hell kind of face for me. I cried alone not knowing the next step in my life. The pain was evident for my parents.

After a lot of suffering, tough addiction life, discrimination from relatives and friends I went back to Reachout Centre Trust now received by Mr. Taib Abdulrahman who gave me only a one month program. Adhering to the drug treatment program was a major challenge but I utilized it and unbelievable for a second time, Reachout Centre Trust saved my life not only by re-employing me but also by assisting and guiding me through my rehabilitation and reintegration process.


“I am a dedicated husband and a father of three, completely out of using drugs. Thank you so much Reachout Centre Trust and thank you Mr. Taib Abdulrahman for holding my hand from Reachout Rehabilitation Centre at ‘Corner ya Mtongwe’, to Half-way house reintegration centre along Shelly beach road in Likoni and now a field officer.”


It almost 10 years now and I have never thought leave alone indulging in using drugs. Only God will reward Reachout Centre Trust and particularly Mr. Taib Abdulrahman for the guidance, motivation, mentorship and helping hand. I am breathing fresh life out of drugs. I am humbled.

Reachout Centre trust is always at the forefront in supporting the implementation of drug policies and ensuring a free society from the harmful effects of drug use and HIV/AIDs.

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