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Murad Swaleh Success Story at RCT Rehabilitation Centre


I painfully remember the days when I use to sleep out in the cold at ‘Soko bovu’ area in Mwembe tayari within Mombasa central business district-CBD. My life was miserable, my parents had given up on me, I had also given up on myself and in short I was actually counting my few days in the world.

I remember to have been almost all rehabilitations centres in Malindi, to Mombasa but every time my mother took me to the same rehabilitation centres I could not keep up to the conditions and I ran away never to go back again.

The trend was painful for me but I could not avoid, getting into drug addiction is very easy but walking out of it is purely an axe to grind.

“I can vividly recall that there was a time I sue to inject drugs right on top of a grave at Sargoi grave yard so that whenever I die my dear mother Kulthum Rizki Abeid does not incur much burial expenses. I was in a very critical sorry devastating state, only God knows what I went through for the 19 years I was immersed into drugs.”

I fell into the trap at the age of 17 years due to psychological problems caused by my own family but I do not want to go back to the memories they make me feel pain and at times shade tears.

But I can now happily say that for that last five years I have been clean without using any drug. I want to thank the blessed hands of Taib Abdulrahman and Reachout Centre trust, anti drug abuse lobby based at the Coast for helping me recollect my life and get back to my feet.

Despite relapsing several times, Mr. Taib Abdulrahman through Reachout Centre Trust tirelessly registered me into drug treatment programs including counseling sessions from helpful Reachout counselors that changed me to whom I am today.

I am now a Reachout centre Trust Field Officer, a dedicated father a happy husband and a tireless social worker serving my own community.

Thank you so much Reachout Centre Trust, Thank you so Much RCT Executive Director Taib Abdulrahman for carrying my drug burden and saving my life.

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