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Francis Karabio Success Story at RCT Rehabilitation Centre

My name is Francis Karabio, I am 45 years old, and a resident of Changamwe, Mombasa County. I was raised by a single mother who by bad luck fell sick when I was in college in 1997 and I had to drop out to take care of her since she couldn’t walk. After ailing for a long time my mom passed away and I was left alone and without any family support.

I was lured into drug use through peer pressure and depression after losing my mother who was my world. I started by using and selling bhang and later advanced to heroin use. In the process of using heroin through smoking, I started suffering from tuberculosis (TB) which forced me to inject heroin.

When my wife found out that I was using drugs, she left me. My health deteriorated and I gave up on life. I was waiting for my death because everyone neglected me including my doctor, friends, and family. I was a living dead and everyone knew that I was going to die the next hour or day.

“ I encountered a hand of hope in life when I met with Reachout Centre Trust who took me through psychosocial counseling and enrolled me methadone treatment program at Miritini Reachout Drop-in Centre. ”

The methadone program has been very helpful to me and the evidence is that my body and life have changed within 7 months of using. I am now breathing fresh air free from using drugs. I work in a garden where I make my daily bread.

Recovery is real and possible, I am now clean, not injecting or smoking. I really want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Reachout Centre Trust and all their working partners for giving me back the light in life, oh my God, I can’t believe it, I AM FREE!

Thank you again Reachout Centre Trust for saving my life, if it is not for you I am very sure I would be no more by now!

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