International Day against Drug Abuse 2023

Together with other anti-drug partners and stakeholders, we joined the world in commemorating the international day against drug and illicit trafficking.

Led by the Mombasa County government and civil society organizations’ such as Reachout Centre Trust (RCT) and members of the community. The celebrations started at Mapembeni, fountanella to treasury square.

The community should take the lead role in fighting drug addiction, while the target remains our youths who are the mostly affected by the menace according to the recent report from the National Authority against Drugs and Alcohol Abuse- NACADA.

RCT alone cannot quell the menace and we call on the religious, community, political, rights defenders and the government to unite in the fight against drug use as well as propagate for the realization of progressive drug policies and minimize the negative effects of drug use in the society.

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