Reachout Rehabilitation Center

The rehabilitation centre is situated in Likoni about 30 m off the Kona mpya junction across the Likoni channel from Mombasa Island to south coast, taking the left in-route just opposite the turnoff to Mtongwe. 

The facility on a 1 acre property has a full bed capacity for 30, a gym/workout room, kitchen, TV and DVD, classroom, and a space for small sided ball games.

Reachout Rehabilitation Centre is offering a residential setting for the treatment and care of drug and substance users for duration of 4 months.Its specific purpose is to offer rehabilitation services to the affected drug addicts and create awareness to the community on understanding of addiction and the dangers of drugs abuse. Program activities include:

  1. Psycho-educational sessions
  2. Individual counseling
  3. Group counseling
  4. Family therapy
  5. Life skills training
  6. Narcotics Anonymous (NA)/ Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) and Milati Islami (MI) 12 step programs
  7. Sports and indoor games