Prison Outreach

Reachout Centre trust is a long term partner with The Kenya prisons Services in Mombasa that supports rehabilitation and justice agenda. In the past 6 years, Reachout has been working very closely with various prisons within Mombasa County to spread its message to drug users,prisons like, Shimo la tewa main, Shimo la tewa women, Shimo la tewa medium (the 3 prisons are generally referred to as The Shimo la Tewa Command) and King’orani prison.
The program was started due to the rising number of inmates affected by drugs and discrimination they face daily. The outreaches conducted by the centre has equipped prisons with knowledge on drugs, services that are to be rendered to prisoners affected by drugs, ways to guide a drug addict to withdraw from drugs, the rights that they have enshrined in the constitution as victims of drugs and how to deal with a patients that injects drugs.
In 2007, The Reachout Centre built prison for wardens to cater for prisoners on drug and substance abuse. The prisons provided basic counseling skills and peer education. This saw 50 wardens and over 700 prisoners trained to continue in the fight against drugs..
During prison outreaches the following activities are conducted:

  • Harm reduction information
  • Legal aid services
  • Counseling session: Addiction, psycho-social and after care support
  • HIV/AIDS and Related human rights as stipulated under HIV/AIDS prevention and control Act 2006
  • Trainings
  • Referral and linking to health services
  • Ensuring observance of human rights

Advocacy officer, Mr. Suleiman giving a health talk at Shimo women Prison