Human rights are a dignity and not a privilege”, over the years, Taib Abdurrahman has lived to this saying by word and through action. After working with people using drugs, he realized that much violation on human rights, stigma and discrimination against marginalized group was a result of their addiction. This gave him the urge to advocate for people who use drugs.


His has made an obligation in his day to day work to ensure that there is increase access to essential services for people who use drugs by advocating for laws and policies that support harm reduction approach to drug use and HIV, services that will promote effective approaches to HIV and drug use. In order to realize this, his work has been to meet decisions-makers, opinions leaders, community leaders and the media.
Through his efforts and passion for his work, he has been involved in forming coalition with wider civil society movements. He has managed to influence the political capital on drug use and engaged health services providers to create a drug users- friendly health services and to improve access to treatment.
Through creating a friendly environment for HIV, HCV, TB and drug dependence treatment for patients who use drugs, they are now able to access the drug easily and without fear.His commitment and determination to improve on other people lives was rewarded with a shujaa award of male human rights activist of the year on the 10th December, 2012.
The award was presented to him by Muslim for Human rights on the world rights day to recognize his efforts in advocating for people who use drugs and who inject drugs in the coast region. This meant that the whole region was now dependant on him in advancing their rights in the corridors of power.
Taib Abdulrahman, is currently heading the ‘Reach Out Centre Trust’ that has been offering prevention and intervention services for people who use drugs especially among the youth in the region, he has struggled to ensure that over 30,000 youths affected by the menace in the region are finally out of the addiction and risky behaviors’.
Talib is breathing a sigh of relief after noting that human rights are being adhered to and cases of mishandling of patients with drugs related cases is dwindling down. Even before our Interview, he acknowledged that those patients in Likoni, South Coast, who were not for his idea, have come to thank him later after successfully undergoing a rehabilitation program and a counseling program. ‘For the past 10 years, my life has been revolving within the drug issue, and up to now I can easily identify who is indulging in drug abuse and who is ready to disentangle himself from the menace” says Taib.
Talib also pointed out the drug abuse among women in the region. He says that says Ukunda in Kwale County, Mombasa, Kilifi, Malindi and Lamu have turned out to be drug hubs, a situation that if quelled it will get out of control.
Ukunda is the most affected with over 1,200 people affected by drug abuse and 500 of them are injecting themselves heroin. “It’s so painful when you see a young boy of the age of 14 years only injecting himself heroine on his private parts as the vein on his hands and legs can no longer sustain the needle” poses Taib.
Although he says that the Government has tried to combat the vice in the Region, it seem to be loosing the battle to traffickers who come up with new strategies in supplying the expensive product to the innocent youths, though the poor youths can still afford it from the their well off friends.
The international Certified addiction Counselor with a vast experience in saving youths from the killer practice, has travelled all over the world in trying to get various strategies to save the youth, languishing in drug abuse in the Coast region.
“I have been in the United states, Canada, England, Cambodia, the Middle East Countries and many other foreign states just searching for expertise, donor fund and any form of assistance so help the youth in the coast region.
Despite the many challenges, he has promised to put on a brave face and eradicate drug use and promote fairness on all people addicted to drug use.
Already over 10, 000 people who use drugs in the region have passed through his palms of hope at the Reach Out Centre Trust Officer and they have been totally reformed and became useful people in the society. He however blames the government for laxity and will to curb the menace and ensure better treatment of drug users.
The recent drop in centers in Mombasa, Ukunda, South Coast and the newly constructed small factory has given a positive sign in the fight against drug abuse and how drug users are treated.Talib exudes confidence that the menace will soon be curbed.