Reachout Centre Trust has a prevention program that targets students in school and out of school with information to prevent their induction into drug use as well as counsel the ones who have began abusing drugs to quit the habit. The program works with both primary, secondary schools and tertiary institutions within Mombasa and Kwale Counties. This is due to the Reachout data collected from drug users that shows drug use begins at 13-18 years when they are in school.
According to the latest countrywide survey done in 2012 by the anti-drug agency called the Rapid Assessment Drug and Substance Abuse in Kenya, one in three students reported using one or more drugs.
The survey indicates that alcohol was the most commonly abused substance, with 36.3 per cent of students reporting a lifetime use. Miraa comes second with usage reported among 31.5 per cent of students, cigarettes were used by 20.2 per cent, bhang by 9.8 per cent, kuber (5.5 per cent), heroin (3.1 per cent), inhalants 2.7 (per cent), amphetamines/mandrax (2.6 per cent) and cocaine was used by 2.2 per cent.


Young people are more susceptible to drugs use. Prevalence of drugs use among young people is more than twice as high as drug use among the general population; three times as high in the case of cannabis. The program provided talks and testimonies of recovering drug users to schools within Mombasa and Kwale Counties. Participatory Education Theater (PET) is used to pass the information in a fun and interactive way to students in and out of school. Through the program, 5200 youths in and out of school have been reached with information and 100 students confided abusing drugs and through counseling quit abusing drugs. Reachout has 20 peer educators who have been trained and provide peer to peer talks at schools. The young people are provided with information so that they make wise choices and lead healthy and fulfilling lives.


Community base outreach at the users den. Mr. Lugard Abila (Advocacy team leader) engaging the clients on importance of using clean needle and syringes and and using the disposal box for used syringes and needles.



Drug user receiving HIV Testing services at the den.


Engaging people who use drugs in the outpatient program on art work.



Clients are being taken through legal awareness education on human rights and health rights at the drop in centre