RCT has programs initiated to deal with drug related issues, this programs provides harm reduction services for drug users at their hangouts (maskani’s). The harm reduction services provided are:

  • NSP
  • HIV/AIDS, VCT, STI, TB, and Hepatitis education
  • Condom distribution, demonstration and disposal
  • Dose reduction
  • How to clean the needles and syringes
  • Distribution of I.E.C materials
  • HIV counseling and testing
  • Safe injecting practices
  • HIV Testing and Counseling (HTC)
  • Social services (bathing, shaving, food)
  • Medical services (abscess management)
  • Referral for ARV
  • Referral for STI, TB and hepatitis screening, diagnosis and treatment
  • Referral to Drop in Centre (Outpatient drug treatment and residential drug treatment)

It is through this programs, drug users (PWIDs and PWUDs) access health services and are also linked to other health facilities e.g. CCC (Comprehensive Care Centers)
RCT programs ensures that Drug users that are marginalized and are highly stigmatized and discriminated by the community have access to health facilities through, outreaches, conducted on a daily basis, which have proved to be effective in ensuring drug users are able to access the available health services. Regular follow ups are conducted to the drug users to monitor their progress.
Reachout Centre Trust is providing services to 60 hotspots (maskani’s) of drug users within Mombasa and Kwale Counties. Outreach workers have been trained by UNODC (United Office on Drugs and Crime) using World Health Organization and CDC manuals as well as by Technical Support Unit (TSU) NASCOP.
Since 2007, over 8,268 drug users have accessed health services at the maskani’s within Mombasa and Kwale Counties.