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Female day care Bombolulu

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Reaching out to Female drug users and female sex workers (FSW) in Bombolulu, Nyali sub County.

We are committed to deter new HIV infections among these vulnerable groups by reaching out to them with HIV testing so they be on the know of their HIV status and take precaution when engaging in sexual activities, clinical service as most of the female drug users rarely come out to seek for healthcare services for fear of being stigmatized and discriminated by healthcare workers and health talk on sexual reproductive health to be on the know-how of the risky behavior one involve in.

Female drug users & Female Sex workers are more vulnerable because of; multiple sex partners, selling sex to procure drugs, no autonomy in decision making, gender base violence among others that they face be it from the community and the law enforcers.


Drug Policy Reform training

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Reachout Centre Trust Staff’s went through three Days training on Drug Policy reform to be able to advocate for change to the way governments respond to the socio-cultural influence on perception of psychoactive substance use on focus to eradicate and eliminate of illicit drug markets which leads to widespread negative consequences and human rights violation. Harsh drug policies have caused more harm; Prohibition-based policies have led to a rise in drug-related violence, prison overcrowding and an increase in HIV epidemics.

RCT Director Taib Abdulrahman expedited on History of drugs & different perception through culture and religion on the use of drugs.
Drug Policy reform participants went through International Dominant drug control approaches and understanding recent and background of international drug policies

Global advocate on drugs/HIV and Drug user activist Mat Southwell took the participant through strategic approach to campaign for Drug Policy Reform, imaginable hurdles and understanding the need of the drug policy Reform.

This journey filled with; hardships, barriers but special moments that will ultimately lead us to our destination.

The training wouldn’t have been possible without the support of Open Society Foundation of Eastern Africa.



Sensitizing Journalists on Drug Policy Reform

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In the 21st Century Mainstream media and social media play a big role in the society because it influences society in many different ways and as well changes the way we behave or our attitudes towards things we perceive in the world we live. Society is influenced by media in so many ways.

On 23rd March we had a one day sensitization forum with Journalists from Local TV stations, Radio and Print media sensitizing them on Agenda for Drugs policy Reform, understanding Harm Reduction and Challenges of Harm reduction in Kenya among other issues affecting Individuals who use drugs and Key Population in general.

Media can play a key role in persuading and convincing The Government, stakeholders and the society the need to change punitive laws that violate human rights, as much as drugs cause harm, atrocious drug policies have caused more harm.

The Journalists as well ought to understand the International approaches and intervention of tackling Drug menace and the current move the Government is using in battling Drugs; they perceived the importance of working on Harm and Demand reduction in fighting the drug menace.

The support from Open Society Foundation Eastern had enable us achieve this milestone.