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Marking International Condom Day 2017

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In order to raise awareness and sensitizing on usage of Condoms to prevent HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), International condom day  13th February 2017 organized by AHF, Reachout Centre Trust and other likeminded organizations brought together different youth groups, university chapters and stakeholders to mark this great day.

At a time where young people engage in sexual activity and HIV prevalence among 15-to-24-year-old girls is four per cent, compared with two per cent among their male counterparts, and the number of new infections among females aged 10 to 19 in 2015 was more than double that among males in the same age-group there’s a need to make condoms easily accessed by all groups.

The public had an opportunity to free HIV Testing and Condoms Distribution, Once an individual knows s/he HIV status tend to practice safer behaviors  to reduce or eliminate the likelihood of transmission of HIV/AIDS.


Harm Reduction Academy Participants Visit at RCT

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On 25th January 2017, Participants of Cycle 3 of Harm reduction program at Harm Reduction Academy run by the Alliance for Public health paid a courtesy visit at our office for an exchange program; Reachout Centre Trust team took them through dissemination of our organization and the ongoing programs.

Reachout Centre trust team had an illuminating and edifying session with Participants which was graced by Member of parliament of local Government of Odessa Irina Kutsenko and Member of Parliament Mvita Constituency Abdulswamad Shariff Nassir who had been in the fore front championing for the rights of the People who use drugs, tabled bill in the Parliament to ammend Psychotropic Narcotic Act No of 1994 and enforcement of section 58 of Rehabilitation care.

The participants as well joined our outreach workers in an outreach program at ‘Go down’ Mombasa reaching out to People who use drugs.

People who use drugs were able to share their spiel with the participants as well as had a fortuitous to HIV testing and counseling, Clinical services and health talk.

Police sensitization on Handling Key population

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Through the support from Open Society Foundation of Eastern Africa, we partnered with Keeping Alive Societies Hope ( to refine Police officers from Coast Province on Key Populations Human Rights at Regional Police headquarters Mombasa.

The training aimed to curb Human Rights violation and spread of HIV among Key Population through law enforcers.

People who use drugs frequently have their security of person and bodily integrity violated, possessing and trafficking drugs is criminalized, this effectively criminalizes people who use drugs themselves.

People who inject drugs are singled out due to visual signs of having injected, and people who use drugs are stopped simply for looking as if they may be ‘under the influence’ of a psychoactive drug, they are therefore inherently vulnerable to police interference and harassment, being publicly searched, being subjected to invasive strip and cavity searches, being arrested and later being imprisoned by punitive laws that need to be reformed.

People who use drugs had an opportunity to share their experiences on how police handle them during their operation and how vulnerable they are, the two days sensitization forum aimed to combat harassment of People who use drugs and ending criminalization because of their behaviors which mostly is done by police.

The Police officers were taken through the process of Medically Assisted Therapy at Kisauni MAT Clinic and International practices to Combat Opoid Addiction from Dr.Saad Abdalla of United Nation Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC).

Sensitizating members of health Committee Mombasa county assembly on barriers surrounding key population

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Key population have for long been criminalized by harsh laws that do not understand their plea, this punitive policies violate international standard of human rights.

This drug control strategy relies on imprisonment as a preventive measure and aggressive law enforcement to reduce the drug supply; beyond doubt the moves have increased the incarceration rate.

There’s a need to have social, political and economic solutions to support marginalized, stigmatized and dehumanized Key population in the society.

Key populations are stigmatized because of the existing negative attitudes that people have towards them and harsh policies make it difficult for them to exercise their human rights, including accessing health services. Because of this, key populations face overt discrimination.

Reachout Centre Trust had a sensitization forum with members of health committee Mombasa county assembly, to advocate the need to formulate and reform existing Laws to support service provision and friendly services to the Key Populations in our society.

Members of health committee had a meaningful engagement with members of Key Population who shared their experiences from seeking public services and frequent Police harassments.